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Welcome to Patchstack Academy

Hi 👋

Great to see you here and welcome to Patchstack Academy.

This place, while created by Patchstack, is mostly maintained by you. All you amazing security researchers and developers, who are willing to spare your time to create all the content here.

Why did we create Patchstack Academy?

Let’s make it clear - we don’t have any hidden agenda. We always wanted to create a space for new researchers to learn (and more experienced ones to understand WordPress quirks) because we are all into WordPress security together.

WordPress is an amazing CMS, but it causes some security issues (mostly thanks to plugins). And the more researchers there are, the more secure is the whole ecosystem.

I’m here to learn 🧪

That’s great - check out the sidebar menu(it’s on the left or, if you are viewing this site on mobile, on your right) and pick the article that interests you the most.

If you didn’t find what you need - use our search or this article with resources.

I’m here to contribute 🖊️

That’s even better. We love adding new articles here. Before you start creating or fixing anything, check out our how to contribute guide.